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  About Piece of Cake  
     Piece of Cake is all about handmade miniature dessert replicas made into jewelry and accessories founded in 2011 in Greece. Colorful cupcakes, doughnuts, cakes, tarts and many more real life desserts form the main, mouth watering source of inspiration for this whimsical and romantic collection.
       The miniatures are made from polymer clay, a type of hardenable modeling clay, painstaikingly following a long and detailed process.
Each piece is given its one off form from scratch like a small sculpture. When formed, it bakes in the oven just right for it to harden. After the baking process it’s time for adding beads, chain and some final touches such as glitter or varnish.
     Treat your loved ones or yourself with one-of-a-kind, unique piece of jewelry made with extra love and care today!
About Iris
the artist behind "Piece of Cake"
             Hello everyone! I am Iris from Athens, Greece and I am responsible for everything going on with Piece of Cake.
Ι studied Architecture in Technical University of Crete, a beautiful island in Greece. In 2011 I got hooked on the miniature world and I've been designing and making jewelry since then. 
My mission is to fill the world with tasteful, colorful images and thus make everyone happy by looking at the bright side of life! My miniatures are part of this vision, a way to remind you that YOU are to add some color to your life.
Dare, enjoy and take care!